Promise of Love (PROLO) Eco-harmony Park is a project started by Mr. Oye Soon Hock, a founding member of Society of Social Entrepreneurs (Malaysia). It is still very much a work in progress now. We had completed a multi-purpose main hall, Art and culture hall, open space energycenter, a café and accommodation. There are plans for a healing health spa, eco-friendly agriculture and Art culture demonstration and learning center, and a disaster prevention, mitigation and recovery learning and resource center.
The facilities are open to public to come and conduct their events or just to take a break from the stresses of urban life and commune with nature.
PROLO is to be a learning demonstration of how sustainable, ethical and harmonious development is workable.

诺爱之家(PROLO) 人文生态园是由诚信社会企业家联谊会(马来西亚)的创始成员黄顺福先生启动的一个项目。目前工作仍在进展中。我们已经完成了多功能大厅、文化创意馆、开放式静心磁场。建设中的餐厅和住宿。

PROLOFounderMessagePromise of Love eco-harmony park is place my wife and I had wanted to setup as thanks-giving gift for all the good things we had received in our lives journey. We had started with humble beginnings and had achieved what we considered a very satisfying and comfortable existence through hard work and generosity of family, friends, colleagues, business associates and most important, the abundance of resources provided by mother nature.
Our experience has taught us that integrity, harmony, love and respect are the tools that we need to have a meaning and fulfilling journey during our time on this earth. Whether we are dealing with people or nature, with these tools we can always find a sustainable and harmonious solution to any situations that we face.
We started out to make this a gift but in the process of building PROLO we had received much more. We had learned a lot and have even deeper understanding of our inner self. Our spirituality had reached new levels and we now are much more at peace with our inner-self and each other. This experience had also opened our eyes to beauty, power and wonders of nature but most of all the unbounded love that nature has conferred to mankind.
This is a gift that we hope that many people will accept. That they will come and experience the love and harmony that nature had conferred to us.



Address: Promise Of Love (PROLO)
Lot 10001- Lot 10002, Raub, Pahang, Malaysia
Mailing Address: 59, Jalan PBS 14/3, Kawasan Perindustrian Bukit Serdang,
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact: +6016-2710 151 (Lily)
+6016-3221 886 (Soon Hock)
GPS Coordination: N03 40.816’ E101 49.934’