• Hanwang Forum 2013 in May






  • mess-JL

    Master Jonathan Tseng Jung Lin

    The year 2006 marked a new milestone of my spiritual journey. After six years of learning through the practice of God Truth Light, I began to teach what I have learnt in South East Asia region.
    A enriching journey indeed it has been. With combined insights of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, we allow truth to be revealed and through the awareness of love, we learn to Integrate into unity with nature.
    Together, we built a robust community here. I salute you, my dear friends, for your pure minds, high spirits , as well as your simplicity. I am deeply grateful for having each other in our lives, a sustainable way of life that we create collectively.
    This is where I am, this is where I will be.

    Jonathan Lin Tseng Jung, from Taiwan

    2006年 帶著我六年間所學習的正大光明的修行路徑 開始了傳承之路
    這是一個豐富之旅 從儒釋道中洞見真理 從愛中學習與自然合一
    當然 也是這整個經驗 創造了與東南亞一群朋友的相知與相惜
    感謝他們的可愛可敬 感謝他們的樸實簡單
    因此 而得以可持續發展
    說的 做的 都在這裡

    我是林增榮 Jonathan Lin Tseng Jung 來自台灣

    Advisor Nicolai Peitersen

    Nicolai Peitersen, the co-founder of a number of companies and organizations, including The Ethical Economy Ltd, the UK based company behind a management tool of ethics that quantifies ethical performance, enabling the management of corporate ethics on a real time basis. Nicolai is trying to pioneer a more dynamic trend in corporate responsibility by combining it with algorithms and web 2.0 software and is helping global businesses, institutional investors and organizations to subscribe to it.
    Nicolai started out with Economic Research at the Danish Central Bank and later at the investment bank JP Morgan where his team was voted the best global research team by ‘Institutional Investor’. A collection of his research notes were published by JP Morgan in a booklet titled ‘Europe in Transformation’ which he toured with for a while. During the same period, Nicolai started a cross- disciplinary think tank in Denmark with a charter in Russia which took off to such a degree that he decided to run it fulltime.
    Nicolai has written, edited and contributed to a multitude of papers, booklets and reviews. Finally, Nicolai is engaged around a number of global issues, in particularly sustainable development- where he holds a number of advisory positions- and global citizenship & governance- where he’s a founding member OCEAN (www.ocean48.org).


    Social of Entrepreneurs With Integrity Association President, Singapore – Johnny Tan

    Human gain knowledge through learning
    Human gain ability through practice and training
    Human’s mindset, energy and realm are through
    continuous practice and meditation
    Human’s wisdom and truth are out of consciousness
    This is everyone’s realm of life, firstly through learning,
    then true cultivation and finally realize the truth through empirical.

    Social Entrepreneurs With Integrity Association has been incorporated, we also adopt the same, started by
    basic learning, and practice and apply what we learnt
    The wisdom of the relationship between human being
    The wisdom of relationship between human and nature
    The wisdom of relationship between man and spiritual

    In the 21st century, Human being is facing increasingly severe natural disasters, we must find the wisdom of human existence in order to survive, that isHeaven, Earth and human coexist in harmony, creating spiritual civilization
    The “Promise Of Love-PROLO” at Raub, Bentong just completed, this ecologically civilization village is to remind us to be responsible for ecological protection while developing our enterprises, so as to achieve sustainable development,and to educate human that while developing and enjoying their achievements, their development is not creating threat to the future development of mankind's survival.
    Let us work together for the future development.


    然后学而时习之, 学习处理
    生活在21世纪的人类,面对日益严重的自然灾害, 人类想要好好的生存下来, 必须寻找人类的生存智慧, 即 天地人合一, 和谐共生, 创造精神文明。
    建设於文冬的”诺爰之家”已峻工, 此生态文明村即提醒我们在发展企业的同时, 也对生态保护负责, 以达到两者都可持续发展, 教育人类在发展与享受成果时, 其发展不会威胁至未来人类的生存。 让我们同心协力为文冬的”诺爱之家”未来的发展努力。

    Society of Social Entrepreneurs with Integrity President, Malaysia – Johnny Liew

    I, LiewMookKhow, had made preparations since two years ago to setup PersatuanKehamonianAlamSekitar Kuala Lumpurdan Selangor (SSEI). …I feel honored to be elected as President.
    I have no experience and hence unsure of how I will perform. I am afraid that my performance will be inadequate. How to promote Cherish the Earth, Purify Human Desires and Sustainable development?
    I will put “True Love” in my attitude to serve society and encourage more entrepreneurs to participate. Our Earth needs our care and love; I hope that my team will promote our message with “Integrity and Ethics”. We believe that with change, the world will have hope.
    Finally, I hope to promote PROLO (Malaysia) through our Society’s activities (advocate the education of next generation on sustainable development, disaster prevention, mitigation and reconstruction). I believe with our effort, the world will have a better tomorrow.
    我刘木球,于两年前筹备成立马来西亚诚信企业社会家联谊会,PersatuanKehamonianAlamSekitar Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor (SSEI)被选为联谊会会长,感觉心情喜忧参半。我从没参与这种活动,没经验,没信心,会担心自己做不够好。
    怎样推广珍爱地球,净化人心,可持续发展。 我抱着“真心的爱”的态度,能为社会服务,同时也呼吁各企业家们多参于。因为地球需要我们的关爱,也期望我们的团队抱着正大光明的信念去推广。因为我们相信世界“有改变就有希望”。