The Ethical Economy Seminar

We are very honor to invite Mr Nicolai Peitersen from United Kingdom to be our distinguished speaker for this seminar. Nicolai Peitersen, the co-founder of a number of companies and organizations, including The Ethical Economy Ltd, the UK based company behind a management tool of ethics that quantifies ethical performance, enabling the management of corporate ethics on a real time basis. Nicolai is trying to pioneer a more dynamic trend in corporate responsibility by combining it with algorithms and web 2.0 software and is helping global businesses, institutional investors and organizations to subscribe to it. Nicolai started out with Economic Research at the Danish Central Bank and later at the investment bank JP Morgan where his team was voted the best global research team by ‘Institutional Investor’. A collection of his research notes were published by JP Morgan in a booklet titled ‘Europe in Transformation’ which he toured with for a while. During the same period, Nicolai started a cross-disciplinary think tank in Denmark with a charter in Russia which took off to such a degree that he decided to run it fulltime. Nicolai has written, edited and contributed to a multitude of papers, booklets and reviews. Finally, Nicolai is engaged around a number of global issues, in particularly sustainable development- where he holds a number of advisory positions- and global citizenship &governance- where he’s a founding member OCEAN (
(A) Organized by SSEI Malaysia
  Date: 11th November 2011 (Saturday)
  Time: 10.30am ~ 5.00pm
  Venue: PROLO, Raub, Bentong Malaysia

(B) Organized by SSEI Singapore
  Date: 14th November 2011 (Monday)
  Time: 6.30pm ~ 10.30pm
  Venue: Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

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