2011 3rd ‘Sustainable Development Forum”
Zhang Wen Fan’s opening statement on behalf of 2011 3rd ‘Sustainable Development Forum” committee.

Organizers: Beijing International Exchange Association, Sustainable Development Committee Deyang Municipal Government of Sichuan Province.
Co-organizers :China Association for Disaster Prevention China Social Entrepreneur Foundation The Committee of china association for disaster prevention、Safety and anti-disaster office of china school healthy activity Society of Social Entrepreneurs with the Integrity (Asia Pacific, Singapore) Eco Harmony Power Center (EHPC,Malaysia) MBA Public Welfare of Beijing University

Held in the Deyang, heavily hit area of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, the 2011 3rd “Sustainable Development Forum” is an event where international and domestic experts, scholars and entrepreneurs get together to exchange their thoughts, rationalize ideas, detail of their experience, share their visions, bring a wealth of international ideas and technology and at the same time the international community can take way the practical experience and theoretical thinking of Deyang’s disaster prevention, mitigation and post disaster reconstruction. Promote Deyang as the world’s education and training propagation center for disaster prevention and mitigation, and also as the center for information dissemination for disaster prevention and mitigation, technology exchange and the correspondence center for world organizations.

- 512 Conference Minutes English version,
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