Society of Social Entrepreneurs with Integrity started as an informal group of like minded people from Malaysia and Singapore who wanted a more harmonious and loving society. We looked around us and find that rampant materialism and consumerism had resulted in a stressful, superficial, selfish and unsustainable civilization. In pursuit of materialism and gratification of our cravings we had done untold harm to our environment and society, and caused much suffering to those around us are weak and meek.

We are also not a bunch of fanatical ascetics. We do like comforts and luxuries. However, we can have them without debasing ourselves. We feel that there exists a win-win method to achieve our desires and ambitions. If we approach everything we do with love, respect and harmony, it will result in a sustainable, ethical, equitable and courteous society.

Our informal group meets quite often to share and learn from each other how to achieve a harmonious and loving society and also to reach out and propagate our message. We had organized seminars and informal talks open to whoever who like to participate on sustainable development, green technology, Art creativity,disaster prevention and mitigation, mental health development and healthy living.

We also participate in international forums and seminars and go on study trips to learn and share with similar organizations in Asia and Europe. The group now had formally registered as a civil society in Malaysia and Singapore. In Malaysia we are known as Society of Social Entrepreneurs with Integrity (Malaysia) and officially registered with Registrar of Societies of Malaysia as PersatuanKehamonianAlamSekitar Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor. In Singapore it is registered as Social Entrepreneurs With Integrity Association.

也许您可以从不同的方式了解现今地球,社会的状态。 而我们只是一群充满爱并且从正面思考中提倡与自然万物和谐共生的平凡人。 这是我们的提醒,也是我们对地球,对生态,对社会,对人类传达爱,尊重,和谐的心意,从而创造一个生命友爱的全面体验,通过活动,国际交流与对话,促进绿色科技,防灾减灾,文化创意,心智与道德的可持续发展,提供百年丰盛的心灵视野。 於是我们有了新加坡与马来西亚之诚信社会企业家联谊会。